The Fuelling Female Success Schools Program is designed to support educators to bring entrepreneurship into the classroom through engaging storytelling, role modelling and mentorship.

Women are still greatly underrepresented in the entrepreneurial community, citing lack of confidence and fear of failure been the major reasons why they don’t pursue entrepreneurship. The future employment landscape is rapidly changing and is becoming more complex for the next generation to navigate, with self-employment being a huge area of opportunity. To help them thrive and prosper, we need to equip them with enterprising and entreprenuerial skills.

The Fuelling Female Success program is designed to support educators to bring entrepreneurship into the classroom. We believe storytelling, role modelling and mentorship has lasting impact, and is a fundamental way in which we can trigger change and build momentum.

The program is a blended online/offline education program featuring engaging, age appropriate, high impact video interviews with a diverse set of successful female entrepreneurs. The video content is supported with an in-classroom workshop to help facilitate classroom discussions and continue the learning and development.

The Program aims to be a platform to spark conversation, build confidence, help develop critical enterprising and design thinking skills and inspire budding entrepreneurs through covering complex themes such as:

• Overcoming limiting thoughts and beliefs
• Challenging social norms, stereotypes and embracing ambition
• The importance of making mistakes and addressing perceptions about “failure”
• Developing a positive mindset and self-belief to overcome challenges and set backs
• Helping develop design thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset
• Navigating the social media landscape and challenging the notions of overnight success
• Encouraging more women to embrace business basics and numbers

This program is available to schools free of charge, to be a part of the program please complete this contact form.